Changes in Management of Media House Latvija
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As of 16 May Juris Liepins steps down as CEO of media agency Media House Latvija and the former Marketing Director of TV3 Latvija Domas Uselis takes over the position.

J. Liepins will continue working at a new unit within AgeCom group.

D.Uselis has been working in marketing and advertising industry since 2001. Last six years he was in charge of the Marketing Department of TV3 Latvija with the responsibility of overseeing the development of MTG Group’s TV channels. Motivating his decision to take over the management of Media House Latvia he says: “I have always believed that Media House is among the most reliable agencies in the Baltics. That will be a great opportunity for me to learn from the industry’s best people and I hope that my previous experience will be useful to the agency’s team. I undertake this challenge with a great sense of responsibility and my goal will be to strengthen the existing achievements of the agency as well as to look for new opportunities for its development.”

J. Liepins will continue working at a new unit of AgeCom group that will be established within months and will also be offering advertising and media services. Looking back at the eleven years in charge of Media House Latvia he admits: “This was a time which did not allow much calm as the urge for success was always there. We developed new research methods and implemented innovative media planning tools among many other things. However I regard the digital and social network solutions as our greatest achievements. They play a very important role in carrying out successful integrated campaigns.”

Assessing the results of his work he continues: “I am very pleased that the work of my team has been successful and widely recognized so many times. Since 2004 almost every year we have received one of the Golden Hammer trophies or prizes of similar competitions. And if you add to that the words of gratitude and praise that we have received from our clients there is no other way but to be satisfied with our work.”

Commenting on the change of management J.Liepins says: “The current decision was thoroughly thought through and prepared long in advance. To me it is an opportunity to try myself in a new role within the AgeCom group. I am sure that the Media House Latvija team and its clients will benefit from the change as the new CEO is an experienced marketing and advertising professional who has proved himself as an effective leader.”

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