Communication in social networks

On September 26, 2014 occured Yearly Conference oganized by Latvian Advertising Association.


In one of many discussions, amongst many other things, various views were expressed regarding brand communication in social media, mostly focusing on the question- who should be the experts who would ensure brand communication maintenance in social media? Is it creative agency or media agency, PR agency or digital agency? And after all- maybe the brand communication should be conducted by the client himself?


There were arguments in favor of all of these options, because both the form and contents are important, as well as the number of followers.

There is more important matter to reflect on though- how and not by whom should it be done. Would the assumption- that rapid gain of tens of thousands of followers- be correct and is it the most important indicator when we talk about a long term communication?


Media House has carried out several auditorium researches to clarify the factors that affect and determine the effectiveness of brand communication in social media, also how the following habits form and what determines following sustainability.  Studies show that fast gain of followers by motivating them with various prizes is not the best possible solution if the communication with followers is not maintained in a long term. Initially, there is a risk to lose communication bond and afterwards the follower himself, followed by missing your goals or even leaving a negative impact to the brand. Regular targeted communication with followers (in other words- „invisible”, almost unmeasurable daily work) is a much more important factor than a large number or followers, especially in creating a brand image in social media.

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