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For the first time in Latvia, regional radio station becomes a National station.


On September 1st 2013, Radio TEV http://www.radiotev.lv/  begun it’s official road to listeners. Formerly known as Radio Valmiera which from  reginal radio stadion trasnformed into  national radio. At the moment it is currently and will be in the nearestē future broadcasted in following cities and their surronding areas: Riga, Valmiera, Limbazi, Straupe, Aulksne, Salacgriva, Madona, Smiltene, Valka, Jekabpils, Ventspils, Lielvarde, Cesis, Bauska and Kandava. According to TNS Latvia research of radio auditory, in the summer Radio TEV had 50 thousand listeners which is 2,8% of Latvian population of age group 15-75. It can be predicted that the number of listeners will increase with broadcast area expansion. Radio program is designed for listeners aged 25 to 35 years, playing popular music from the 90ies and newer, as well as well as spreading only positive news on local and national importance.

On September 13th 2013 with new content offer the broadcast begun „The 1st Business Radio” (formerly known as Radio Open 101)

The 1st Business Radio http://www.1br.lv/ will provide 4 newscasts per hour on regular basis, as well as dynamic broadcasts on various economical questions. Radio is going to be adressed mostly to economically active listeners who likes to be informed on issues about economy sector. Radio will be available in Riga, Liepaja and in most parts of Vidzeme. The concept is based on the news rate and versatile information. There is a big potential to attract economically active listeners from Latvian Radio 1 and to grow into a strong business station with approx. 80 thousand listeners. We will continue to follow the development of this station and will definitely keep you informed on it’s change of listener’s count.


Radio Skonto offers a new possibility to place ads in Riga and it’s adjacent territory only.

So far it was only possible to broadcast ads in the whole country, but starting October 10th, advertisers can choose from following options:

-          advertise only in Riga and it’s surroundings;

-          across the whole country.  

Price difference of advertisement broadcasting between Riga, it's surroundings and Latvia is 10%. 

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