Radio SWH morning program: changes are coming

„BB Brokastis is a highly intellectual broadcast, based on the latest theoretical knowledge, and postmodern interaction„ - this is how the show is described on the radio SWH website.

It should be noted that in last 16 years SWH morning program has become so common and well-known, that no additional description is needed, therefore recent news of decision to end the show surprised many listeners.

News articles and commentaries depicted different opinions about the  „BB Brokastis", mostly about the contents, timeliness and format. Looking at the audience reach figure dynamics, the morning show achieved in a long-term, of course, there has been a decrease in numbers in the period of  2002 till 2008,  but it is clear that " BB brokastis” average rating (AQH%) since 2009 is stable.

Also in recent years there hasn’t been any critical reduction in the audience reach (Reach%), while in the time split of radio listening  (AQH Share%), it is slightly increased.

What are the reasons for change in the program - let it remain their business. Media House will follow with great interest - who will replace them, and will the new program perform better than BB Brokastis did, with audience reach (Reach%) 7,6%, listening share (AQH Share%) 8,4% and average rating of program (AQH%) 1,8% according to data for autumn 2012. 

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