Internet access device – mobile or PC*?
Author: Media House
The information era requires to be up to date about everything what is happening around, while the dynamic rhythm of life creates a need and desire to get information at any time and place.
Such a rhythm, as well as mobile technological innovations determine that a significant part of people prefer mobile devices to access the internet.
55% of Latvian internet users are accessing the Internet via smartphones; 30% - tablets and 89% - using a PC in the age group 7-74 years after Gemius SA – gemius Audience February 2016 data. PC still keeps a leader position as most used internet access device, and 36% do not use mobile devices to access internet among all internet users. By contrast, 11% of Internet users use only the mobile devices.

*PC - desktop computer, laptop.
Data source: Gemius SA - gemiusAudience: 2016-02

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