Latvian Police against drugs
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As one of  the freshest and the most interesting campaigns we have created is the campaign against the dependence of drugs for the State Police department. The  campaign is tailored to suit 13-18 year old teenagers – to those who probably don’t have their own strong position „against” on this issue as yet. The  target audience are those who are being bespoken on the street, in the school or other  affairs, with an offer to acquire or try some intoxicant drugs.

One of the campaign’s aims was to create an opportunity to try something prohibited. The users of www.draugiem.lv  (a.k.a. www.frype.lv  in ENG - a local Latvian social network) game „Ferma” , visited by 110’000 every day, are use to accepting virtual gifts and  invitations in familiar and  relatively safe environment as they usually give a certain bonus. We wanted to break this stereotype and make them think of their decisions on each on every step of the way, even if it is just a game.

Once a youngster had logged on „Ferma” , a suspicious man landed in a hot air balloon, holding a bag filled with white powder and offering to get high. By choosing any other answer but „NO”, user got arrested, certain window appeared and icon an image of hand-cuffs was placed on his profile icon.
Looking back at the campaign we can see that the expected occurred – many young people accepted the offer to get high and got caught by the State Police department.

Next time they would log in, we would give them a chance to improve – by finding a code „idontwanttobeinprison” on www.sargi-sevi.lv (ENG meaning: guard-yourself.lv)website. They had to enter the code on the banner and then the handcuff image was changed to State Police Department icon.
As this is just a game of course the youngsters were arrested only on the internet ambiance, nevertheless it made them consider the problems and trouble they would be facing if they were to take same decision in real life.

Examining the results, we can say that the solution has been very successful.  Judging by efficiency the solution of the campaign that wasn’t due to mass consumer product, nor it was due to sale discounts, not any other purpose with traditionally high CTR, statistics data analysis show that 30% of audience, who were exposed to the solution, have visited www.sargi-sevi.lv in order to look for the code.
As you may anticipate, this is just a small part of the campaign as the target audience of the Project will have to face more and more new challenges  and offers – will everyone be able to stand their ground against the drugs?

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